Offering a Variety of 100% Organic Products, Grown by Empowered Rural Communities

In organic farming crops are grown and nurtured free from chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. It makes use of purely natural inputs and relies on ecologically balanced agricultural principles like crop rotation, green manure, organic waste and biological pest control.
Empowerment of Rural Communities
Our mission is to empower rural communities and elevate living standards of rural communities through sustainable farming projects.
Highest quality
TanzPro Greens only delivers products conforming to our strict quality standards.
We are an organic certified company and conform to international organic farming practices. Our produce are GMO-free and grown organically for your health.


TanzPro Greens Ltd is a company using fair trade practices that specializes in growing of a variety of organic farming grown horticulture products including fresh fruits and vegetables.

We grow organic products without using any synthetic/agrochemical inputs which are harmful to human health and the environment. We actively engaged in making sure of the quality and standard of organic products. We specialise in high quality control from cultivation, harvesting, sorting, grading, and packaging to final consumers.

Our products are a 100% pure organic, we use bio pesticides and fertilizers. We employ effective production and quality management team at our farms. We empower rural gender balanced communities in their own environment under sustainable farming.

Our customers are guaranteed fresh and quality products from our local farms…organically grown for your health.


We want to empower rural communities through our social corporate responsibility program of sustainable organic farming; and make healthy organic foods accessible to consumers


To be a recognized Fair Trade company in the global market with sustainable business modality which promotes and supports organic farming, and provides organic products as solutions for true wellness and conscious living​


Work and help the communities to grow and supply organic products in local and export markets for sustainable economic growth

Our Services


We grow only natural, nutritious products for your health

 Mitaranda Organic Project

Mitaranda is the largest of the two projects in Mkuranga District. This project predominantly employs a workforce of rural women groups as part of our community development schemes.


Kisele Organic Project

Kisele is the smaller sister project of Mitaranda Organic Project, with a 4-acre project area. Like mitaranda it grows organic vegetables in both greenhouses and open field farms, grown by rural women groups.


The Passion Fruit Farming Drive is a contract farming project of Tanzpro Greens Ltd - a collaboration with passion fruit farmers in Mkuranga District for farming organic passion fruits.

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