Offering a Variety of 100% Organic Products, Grown by Empowered Rural Communities


Mkuranga Passion Fruit Farming Drive is one of contract farming projects owned by Tanzpro Greens Ltd. The project involves passion fruit farmers in Mkuranga District as organic passion fruit has been one of priority products highly demanded by Tanzpro Greens Ltd. We developed the project as an actionable plan for increasing passion fruit production and productivity in the district. We treat it as utmost source of mandate to mobilize and achieve the reliable supply of passion fruits for our export market and processing plant in Tanzania. This project focuses on increasing profitability to farmers through contract farming, by taking an inclusive approach which recognizes the key role of women in organic agriculture sector, enabling producers to access the reliable market particularly for export and supply to processing plant. Our project benefits targeted local farmers and their community, achieve economic growth and poverty reduction as well as reduced vulnerability to climate change through organic farming.

Our registered passion fruit farmers produce under formal agreement with the company. Here, farmers are referred as producers or suppliers of produce while the company referred as market or buyer of produce in which farmers finally understand the guaranteed buyer and price for their produce. Our contracted farmers are in better position to be supported in services, capacity building as well as access to organic inputs include passion fruit seeds and seedlings. Our project aim at owning a total of 5,000,000 plants of passion fruit from contracted farmers to meet the demand for the said product. Currently, our company work with 20 contracted passion fruit farmers while still looking for more pro-active and potential farmers in the district

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