Offering a Variety of 100% Organic Products, Grown by Empowered Rural Communities

Mitaranda Organic Project

Tanzpro Greens Ltd is proud to manage two projects dedicated to growing pure organic vegetables and fruits in the Mkuranga District, Coastal Region of Tanzania.

The first project is located in the Village of Mitaranda and was started in mid 2016 with the great involvement of women from local communities. Mkuranga was chosen for its healthy and untainted environment, which is most suitable for organic farming.

Through this initiative the local communities enabled to grow and provide the residents a chance to move from traditional farming and its practices to commercial organic farming; have access to a share in market for organic products as well as supply their families with healthy and nutritious food.

The total Mitaranda project area is about 30 acres (Site1 & 2) – all the area has been cleared and built with water supply infrastructures for cultivation. This project covers an area of 3 acres from Site 1 and has 3 greenhouses and one open field farm. Mitaranda farm and open field farm have planted with cherry tomatoes, habanero and hot peppers, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers which are grown and managed organically by 6 contacted trained rural organic women farmers. The company is in the process of expanding production and utilize all the project area to achieve goals.

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