Offering a Variety of 100% Organic Products, Grown by Empowered Rural Communities

Our Produce

Protect the Land for Future Generations


We supply organic tomatoes with good quality, taste, texture, sweetness, color and long shelf life fresh from our farms. Our tomatoes are produced organically with no chemical fertilizers and pesticides and they are non-GMO


Tanzpro Greens Ltd offers high quality organic red and yellow capsicum. They are 100% pure, well-shaped, with great taste


Tanzpro Greens Ltd is proudly one of the few cherry tomato suppliers in Tanzania. We are even prouder to offer pure organic cherry tomatoes to our customers – grown with attention and care for guaranteed quality.


Our habanero chillies are full of flavour and just what you need for those spicy dishes. Guaranteed heat!


The Passion Fruit Farming Drive is a contract farming project of Tanzpro Greens Ltd - a collaboration with passion fruit farmers in Mkuranga District for farming organic passion fruits.


Cayenne chili has become one of our most popular organic products. Our fresh chilies are picked by hand for freshest quality. Our cayenne chillies can also be supplied in flakes form upon demand.


Pok Choi is considered to be one of the healthiest forms of leafy green vegetables. we produce Pok choi that is full of flavor and delicious which keep up with the intake of vital vitamins such as vitamin A and C


our new 100% organic okra is also known as "ladies fingers". enriched with nutritional benefits, and fluids that are needed in human body, that are packed impressively into its little pods


Introducing our new eggplant variety, which is beautifully shaped and a big hit with our customers. they're delicate, tropical perennial plant with the amazing taste of healthier benefits


Red cabbage are high in vitamin C and low in calories. ... Cabbage is also a good source of fiber and other vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A and potassium. Easy recipe: Finely chop or shred half a head of red cabbage


Cucumbers contain a good amount of fiber and water, both of which may help prevent constipation and increase regularity


Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains lots of nutrients and very few calories


For over 10 centuries Cucumber has been a fruit for its wonderful flavor. enriched with vitamins and Nutrients it has been popularly beneficial to its effects to the human skin. Cucumbers are excellent choice worldwide for salads, raw side dishes, and even enjoyed on its own. Tanzpro produce Organic Cucumbers of different varieties including Kirby, Persian, Japanese and English Cucumbers which are fresh, healthier and 100 organic


Coriander is a wonderful source of dietary fiber, manganese, iron and magnesium as well as a host of surprising benefits including improving cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure, prevention of anemia, anti-allergic properties to name a few. We Produce fresh, 100% non-toxic veggies from our organic farms in Mkuranga.


Is an herb belonging to the mint family. It is used as in cooking and for some healthy benefits including reduction of inflammation, anti-aging and antibacterial properties. It is commonly used in popular cuisines including Italian, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine and as one of the primary ingredients in pesto sauce.

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