Our story started just over a year ago, when we launched Tanzpro Greens Ltd, with the mission of empowering rural communities of Tanzania through sustainable organic farming projects.

We have continued to grow, despite challenges of the industry – from  Mother Nature herself to external factors – but our vision and ambitions  have never faltered. We started with a small farm in Mitaranda Organic Farm, District of Mkuranga – then went on to Kisele Organic Farm – both of which have undergone significant expansion in the last few months. Our team has equally learned and grown stronger during this period.

We are most thankful for all that 2018 has brought Tanzpro Greens Ltd.  We would like our partners, contributors and followers to please know  that each milestone would not have been possible without your support.

We take this opportunity to wish each and everyone one, a joyous and well deserved end of year festivities with your loved ones. Happy New Year! Here is to a bright and prosperous 2019!

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