Organic farming in Morogoro has never been better than paying a visit at Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Co-operative (SUGECO), an organization that works on innovation and creation of future generations of successful business persons in Agricultural sector

Ms Pool paid a visit at SUDECO following her invite at SAT Annual General Meeting last week, at Morogoro that held at at Kilakala street. In her tour to SUGECO, Ms Pool came up interested after seeing the solar dryer machine which processed organic produces, into amazing new biscuits, without harming ingredients

“I have been very happy to be introduced by Mr. Kimario, who have been very kind to me, showing how to dry produces without losing the quality and minerals in the organic fruits…”added Hon. Ms. Pool.

On the other hand, secretary of SUGECO Mr. Revocatus Kimario, responded well to the immediate visit of Hon. Ms Maryvonne Pool and show her around on how small enterprenuers are benefited in their projects of solar dryer, juice making and many more.

“enterprenuers are benefited much on our works as we facilitate trainings and develop their opportunities in agricultural sectors. We facilitate access to unfarmed land, machineries and electrical resources for sowing and harvesting, that Agri-entrepreneurs can’t ” added Mr. Kimario

SUGECO was initiated by a group of 40 students of sokoine University of Agriculture, aspiring to start their own businesses after graduating, particularly in the agricultural sector aiming to transform our Agro-culture into one that values entrepreneurship, develop our National  economy

Currently, SUGECO has more than 500 members, 100+ of whom are actively engaged in various agribusiness entrepreneurial activities countrywide including – Food, Fruits and vegetables Processing, horticultural farming, poultry farming and micro-finance firm development

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