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Across a wide range of growing industries in Tanzanian economy, finding a better food waste management is a challenge.  Nowadays, more than 30 countries in the world raised awareness on stop food waste, but there are main Food waste management means that keeps your firm in a better place.

Regarding the organic Farming methods, Tanzpro Greens Ltd has been in hand at ensuring zero waste agriculture is applied at all times. 

In fact, food waste takes up 19 percent of all landfill space, making it the single-largest class of landfill garbage. Although food naturally decomposes, here is how we apply food waste management in our farm, from the very best produce to the last end product

1. Food Donation: we donate safe and healthier food to the poor who find it difficult to afford organic produce from the markets, especially in rural communities. ARF, as the non-Government organ, organizes all social responsibilities for the company. 

2. Use Waste Food to Produce By-Products: Tanzpro produce all kinds of  Habanero and Capsicums, Tomatoes and cherries which helps on making by Products such as  Tomato and Chili sauce.. 

3. Turn Wasted Food into Animal Feed:  In our organic farms, women groups have goats, rabbits, chickens, etc. who eats from our organic produce. 

4. Recycle by Composting: Tanzpro Greens Ltd solves 100% of our end product of food waste problems by organizing an effective composting strategy. The process is less costly because we don’t need to outsource the waste

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