Taking place in the city of Nuremberg, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food BIOFACH, has entered its second day. CEO of Tanzpro Greens Ltd, Hon. Maryvonne Pool is attending the fair on behalf of both Tanzpro Greens and ARF.

So far the fair has been most fruitful and Hon. Pool has managed to meet exhibitors and experts of organic food products. Experiencing BIOFACH for the first time, Tanzpro CEO, reports that it is indeed an amazing platform and has already noted the amazing potential benefits to the commercial leg of ARF, Tanzpro.

The main objective of Tanzpro is to provide a channel to market organic produce, grown by rural empowered communities. BIOFACH presents us with the marvelous opportunity to connect to every stakeholder imaginable for the sustainability of our organic agriculture projects, not to mention the possibility of tapping into international markets.

This year BIOFACH expects to receive more than 50,000 visitors with the participation of 260 international exhibitors, including suppliers, creators of technological innovation in the field and more. This year BIOFACH is taking place from 13-16 February.

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