Offering a Variety of 100% Organic Products, Grown by Empowered Rural Communities

About us

Tanzpro Greens Ltd is a Fair Trade company that specializes in growing and exporting of a variety of organic products including fresh fruits and vegetables. We grow organic products without using any synthetic/agrochemical inputs which are harmful to human health and the environment. We are actively engaged in growing our products to ensure the quality and standard of organic products from crop cultivation, harvesting, sorting and grading, packaging to final consumers. 

Our products are a 100% pure organic, we use bio pesticides and fertilizers. We employ effective production and quality management team at our farms.  We empower rural gender balanced communities in their own environment. Our customers are guaranteed fresh and quality organic products from our local farms…
organically grown for your health.

Maryvonne Pool
Chief Executive Officer

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in TanzPro Greens Ltd.

My name is Maryvonne Pool and I am from the Seychelles Islands, 1,000 miles off the East African Coast. More than thirty years ago fate brought me to Tanzania where I now reside and hold a position as the Honorary Consul of The Republic Seychelles.

Over the past three decades I have grown fond of the people and this beautiful land of diversity. Through my passion for helping others I have set up several initiatives – supported by various partners – geared towards elevating the living conditions of impoverished rural communities.

TanzPro Greens Ltd is proud to further this mission in the Mkuranga District, Tanzania, where I personally have been helping women groups for the last eighteen years.  Through our organic farming projects, involving selected groups, we continue to support families with steady income, develop their farming skills, preserve the environment by cultivating in purely organic conditions and providing healthy and nutritious produce to our customers.

By supporting TanzPro Greens Ltd, you help us to make a difference in the lives of many. 

Thank you!

our team

Samuel Mwanga
Operations Manager

Prisha Laxman

Sahiba Raza
Head of Marketing

MariaHellena P. Mun’gon’go
Food Technologist

Wesley Chepkwony
Chief Organic Agronomist & Consultant

Selemani Bode
Senior Farm Manager

Hadija Kisela
Kisele Farm Group Leader

Charles Mkoka
Media & Communication

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